How to Add and Manage Authorized Users with Different Roles and Permissions on Student DPA

The Student DPA platform offers a powerful feature that allows you to create and manage authorized users for your organization, each with specific roles and permissions. Follow these comprehensive steps to effectively manage your team members' access and responsibilities:

Step 1: Access the Management Section

  1. Begin by logging into your Student DPA admin account using your provided credentials.

  2. Once logged in, locate and click on the 'Account' option in the left-hand navigation menu. This step will lead you to a page with various account-related settings.

Step 2: Navigate to the Management Page

  1. Within the 'Account' section, look for the subsection titled 'Management' or something similar.

  2. Click on the 'Management' link to access the management page, where you can view and control the authorized users associated with your organization.

Step 3: Explore Current Managers and Roles

  1. On the 'Management' page, you'll find a comprehensive list of authorized users, often referred to as 'Managers.'

  2. Each manager entry will include details about their account, such as first name, last name, email address, and the specific roles they have been assigned.

Step 4: Add a New Manager

  1. To add a new manager to your organization, click on the 'Add Manager' button on the 'Management' page.

  2. This action will open a form where you can enter the new manager's details, including their first name, last name, and email address.

Step 5: Assign Roles and Permissions

  1. While adding a new manager, you'll have the opportunity to assign roles and permissions to the account.

  2. Choose the appropriate roles from a list of predefined options. Each role comes with specific permissions that determine what the manager can access and perform on the platform.

Step 6: Understand Different Roles and Permissions

  1. The Student DPA platform offers a range of roles, each with distinct permissions. Here's a brief overview of some roles and their associated permissions:

    • Edit Info/Roster: Access to 'Contact Information' page and ability to change LEA account information.
    • Billing: Access to 'Billing' page for viewing transactions.
    • Sign DPAs: Access to 'Apps' page for reviewing, signing, and rejecting requested apps.
    • Request Apps: Access to 'Apps' page for requesting new apps, including unlisted ones.
    • Sign Service Agreement: Access to 'Service Agreement' page for viewing and signing service agreements.
    • E-mail Signed Contracts: Receives emails with fully executed service agreement contracts attached.
    • Manage Roles: Access to 'Management' page for adding/removing accounts and enabling/disabling roles.

Step 7: Customizing Roles and Permissions

  1. Depending on your organization's needs, customize roles to ensure that managers have appropriate access levels.

Step 8: Save Changes

  1. After assigning roles and permissions, save the changes to create the new manager account with the specified privileges.

Step 9: Manage Existing Managers

  1. To edit existing manager accounts, return to the 'Management' page.

  2. Locate the manager you wish to edit, and click on their entry to modify their roles or permissions.

Step 10: Monitor and Maintain

  1. Regularly review and adjust roles and permissions based on changing responsibilities within your organization.

  2. Keep track of your authorized users to ensure the right individuals have the necessary access.

By meticulously following these instructions, you'll be able to proficiently add and manage authorized users for your organization on the Student DPA platform, each equipped with tailored roles and permissions. This process optimizes workflow and security, ensuring that your team members can contribute effectively while maintaining control over access to sensitive data. Always validate roles and permissions to align with your organization's requirements and policies.